SUPERLITE SUV-DC-P - The UV-Spot Curing Unit

  • Various precision dichroic filters allow you to adapt the spectral output to the specifications of your UV curing product.
  • Electronic interface allows remote control of six important system parameters.
  • Stepper motor shutter allows troublefree operation in short, highspeed curing cycles.
  • Shutter operation through internal digital timer or remote external timer.
  • 200W DC super pressure mercury lamp with excellent lamp life (up to 2000 hours).
  • Minimal degradation of UV output over entire lamp life and low replacement cost, meaning high economy of operation.
  • Pre-aligned snap-in lamp module.
  • Sophisticated 3-lens anti-reflection coated quartz glass condensor gives a homogeneous output pattern and eliminates costly disposable reflectors.
  • Instant reignition, even when lamp is hot.


Lamp : 200W DC Super Pressure Short Arc Mercury Lamp
Lamp Life : 1.500 - 2.000 Hours (typical)
Lamp Power Stability Within ±1%
Solid State Switching Power Supply, Self Adjusting from 110 - 240 Volts (±10%), 50 - 60Hz
CE approved. Electromagnetic Compatibility meets EMI Standard FCC Class B
Dimensions : 340mm wide, 160mm high, 310mm deep
Weight : 7.5 kg (16.5 lbs)
Remote Control Interface (Photo-Coupler Isolated from Mains) for:
Action • Remote Ignition Signal • Ignition Successful • Lamp Power
• Remote Timing • System Overheated • Shutter Open
Safety features include UVA Filter, automatic shutter when lightguide is removed, and automatic power cut-off when housing is opened.

Radiation output with LIQUID LIGHTGUIDE ø5mm x 1500mm

Model Range Wavelength Power*
SUV-DC-P UVB 280 - 320nm 300 mW
UVA 320 - 400nm 1300 mW
Blue 400 - 500nm 1700 mw

* We do not give power density (mW / cm2) as this depends on the measuring distance; multiply above values by 5 to give you mW / cm2 directly at the tip of the lightguide. Divide by illuminated area (cm2) to give mW / cm2 at any other distance.

Available LIQUID LIGHTGUIDES: 2 x Ø 3mm x 1000mm (dual branch)
2 x Ø 3mm x 1500mm (dual branch)
Other lenghts and adaptors are available on request Ø 5mm x 1500mm / Ø 8mm x 1500mm

Specifications can change without notice.

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