SUPERLITE SUV-DC-P Deep UV - For Spot Curing Applications that require UV-C Radiation

  • New UVC-grade components inside the well established SUPERLITE SUV-DC-P.
  • New Liquid Lightguide Series 250 delivers UVC radiation without degradation.

The UV curing industry has developed a growing demand for light sources with short wave UV radiation down to 250nm. Important applications are photo resist coatings in wafer production, DVD assembly, and curing of UV adhesives with tack free surfaces.

While UV lamps which are specially designed for UVC are very costly and generate ozone, the SUV-DC-P "Deep UV" uses an ozone free super pressure mercury lamp. It has been proved that conventional super pressure mercury lamps deliver sufficient UVC radiation for most spot curing applications. However, in order to deliver this UVC radiation all optical components of the SUV-DC-P underwent an upgrading to top level UVC grade materials. A critical component is the Liquid Lightguide. The newly developed Series 250 Liquid Lightguide delivers the UVC radiation at a transmission level far superior to quartz fiber bundles and virtually free of degradation. The result is a moderately priced ozone free UVC spot curing system.

The SUPERLITE SUV-DC-P "Deep UV" has the same outstanding features and lamp life characteristics as the standard SUV-DC-P lightsource. However, the optical filter was adapted to the new spectrum: the filter is open in the UVC, UVB, and UVA range, blocking off the entire visible radiation except for a narrow red band which serves as pilot light. This ensures optimal heat protection for the substrate.

Radiation output with LIQUID LIGHTGUIDE ø5mm x 1000mm

Model Range Wavelength Power*
SUV-DC-P Deep UV UVC 240 - 280nm 100 mW
UVB 280 - 320nm 800 mW
UVA 320 - 400nm 1300 mw

Divide output (mW) by illuminated area (cm2) to give you power density (mW / cm2). Output with LIQUID LIGHTGUIDES with active ø 8mm is approximately 20% higher.

Specifications can change without notice.

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