SUPERLITE S400 - Use professional forensic light equipment

Take advantage of visual effects and avail yourself of a professional alternate light source, in order to raise the efficiency of your team and to economise on precious analysis tools.

In cooperation with specialists the inventors of the Liquid Lightguide – which improve performance of alternate light sources due to their higher transmission – recently developed a new alternate light source customized for forensic examinations, the SUPERLITE S400. Its outstanding output power in the relevant forensic spectra enhances crime-scene and lab-work tremendously. Why?

  • Due to the lamp technology, the SUPERLITE S400 forensic light source is the most powerful for forensic search, the UVA excitation power is unrivalled.
  • The battery pack allows remote operations for up to 90 min.
  • The Liquid Lightguide is small and flexible and offers customized adapters for versatile use.
  • It's weight, size and cost are the lowest in its power class (i.e. 500W Xenon lamp).
  • Evidence at crime-scenes becomes obvious, latent traces and stains are detected, preselected and photographed, even without photo-lab equipment or darkening of the scene.
  • Laborious and precious analysis in forensic laboratory can be reduced to substantial material evidence.
  • Even faint latent prints can be documented sufficiently and used as evidence.
  • The chemical development process of latent fingerprints in the fuming chamber becomes visible.
  • The improved contrast and the versatile illumination of the flexible light guide enhances and accelerates investigation.
  • In many cases stains and fingerprints can be captured without pretreatment.

Mobile multispectral forensic light source

10 optimised forensic spectra can be dialled and adjusted continuously. The power potential of the SUPERLITE S400 reveals visible contrasts even under adverse conditions. For all its light-power it is still small, silent and can easily be carried to where you need light in the darkness. The simple adjustment of spectra and intensity allows you to screen and photograph the evidence under all possible contrasts quickly, a method which very often reveals new effects. The light intensity and -spectra of the SUPERLITE S400 are adjusted by turning the knobs on the front panel. The emission is switched on and off as required either with the switch on the front panel or with the magnetic switch on the hand piece of the flexible light guide. Using different focussing attachments the light beam can be adjusted to suit different applications.
A tough carrying case protects the light source and takes the necessary accessories and after opening two flaps the light source can be operated instantly either on battery power or a mains-socket 110-230 V AC. The battery can be recharged in vehicles (12V DC).

Incident illumination

Forensic light sources are a tool of utilising different light angles
for improving the visualization of potential evidence. One of the key features of a forensic light source is the illumination of the inspected working area while working at it. And its helpful to have the hands free for this kind of enhancement.
A telescopic arm with ball-joint, screwed on top simply takes the light guide in its clip for hands-free operation. The self-sustaining gooseneck light guide allows easy hands-free operations, therefore it is the ideal accessory for working in a photographic lab or at the microscope.

Line illumination

Another way of inspecting forensic evidence is the contrasting of relief structures. The forensic light source system SUPERLITE S400 offers tools for general search and dactyloscopic or biological evidence.

Imprints in dust or debris such as shoe-prints, trail mark, indents of objects on dusty or carpet floors, fingerprints in blood, grease, oil, cyano-fumed prints, handwriting impressions, fibres, hair, skin particles - all this evidence can be found and easily photographed with the SUPERLITE S400 line-illuminators, for large areas the telescopic arm can be attached to the top of it for convenient handling.

Detailed examination

The magnifier adapting to the light guide offers diffused incident and oblique illumination which helps to discover and capture fingerprint evidence outside the photo lab. This device helps to uncover latents on smooth and shiny surface as well and is especially helpful for examination of fingerprints or other small particles.

Fluorescence detection of biological traces

Body fluids glow yellow to orange when illuminated with the SUPERLITE S400 (depending on material). Saliva and semen-stains are easily screened, documented and taken for DNA analysis. Established is the incident illumination under spectrum 5 with a yellow viewing filter even for detection of weak fluorescing fluids as urine, nasal mucus, vaginal fluid.

Fluorescence of fibres and chemical substances

All artificial fibres, dust, human and artificial particles but also biological substance, hair with roots, varnish, lacquer, cosmetics, detergents, glues are easily located by means of fluorescence examination. The forensic light source SUPERLITE S400 offers the most powerful UVA illumination source in a very small and easily to handle housing. Its the ideal alternate light source for the use in the lab.
By means of different excitation colours and viewing filters colours or substances can be determined by its special behaviour under certain excitation wavelength, a simple utilisation of multi-spectra analysis. Some substance are very easily uncovered by the possible quick manual succession of the wavelength, since it is easier for the human observer to detect some slight changes of the stain under different colours of illumination instead of a permanent focus on a homogeneously illuminated area.

Contrast enhancement of blood stains

Powerful whitelight is still the best method of detecting blood stains on various surfaces as needed for the blood stain pattern analysis.
In some cases extra effort is needed to visualize the stains. Blood does not fluoresce but the contrast is improved when it is illuminated with violet light (spectrum 4). Blood stains are detected and verified easily prior to DNA analysis. Fingerprints in blood can be traced with UVA or violet light even untreated. Even prints and spots which are covered with wall paint, the powerful violet light uncovers the print only.

Daktyloscopy - Latent Prints

The high power potential of the SUPERLITE S400 forensic light source permits fluorescent signals outside darkrooms, this enables you to visualise the development process in the fuming chamber or to excite signals under adverse conditions. Smooth, shiny reflecting surface as glass, shellack, varnish etc. is inspected in oblique and diffuse incident illumination in order to detect papillary stains due to grease from cream or other cosmetics, sweat or sebum without pretreatment.

Contrast-enhancement of developed prints

Latent fingerprints are treated with fluorescent dyes to get useful evidence and detailed contrast. The SUPERLITE S400 is a classic manually operable alternate light source with a filterwheel. It offers 10 optimised forensic spectra in extraordinary power and spectral quality for all common dyes such as Cyanoacrylat, DFO (1,8 Diaza 9 fluorenon), Indanedione, Ninhydrin, Safranin, Rhodamin, Basic Yellow®, Basic Red® and Ardrox®.

Also faintest latents which wouldn't be detected due to insufficient illumination will materialise under the powerful excitation and can therefore be enhanced and used as evidence.

Contrast enhancement in technical forensic examination

Cars and firearms are subject to manipulation after they were stolen. But every change of the material structure causes pressure to the molecule structure of the object which can be visualised with itching processes. To improve the contrast of the sanded layers of impression the multispectral analysis with the Superlite S400 forensic light source became a standard tool.

The power of professional light equipment

The efficiency of the Lumatec S400 makes it proverbially a SUPERLITE. The reason for its success is the optical system of optimised focus of a very efficient illuminate with customised optical accessories. In its class its unrivalled especially its size, weight and operational noise improve the working conditions markedly.

Wavelength nm
spectrum (colour)
Average power output
ø 5mm
Viewing Filter Special application
0 400 - 700nm
10.000mW Incident
General Search, all relief marks
1 320 - 500nm
UVA + blue
6.600mW Incident
orange Scene Search for material objects and DNA (semen, urine, fibres)
2 400 - 500nm
5.500mW Incident
orange Scene Search for material objects and DNA (semen, urine, fibres)
3 320 - 400nm
1.800mW Incident transparent Fluorescing substances, fibres, proteins, blood, Ardrox®
4 415nm
1.900mW Incident
transparent Fingerprints in blood, blood stains, DNA
yellow/orange Semen, gun powder
5 440nm
2.100mW Incident yellow/orange Fluorescence inspection saliva, semen, urine, mucus, secretion
6 460nm
2.000mW Incident orange Cyano+Adrox®, Cyano+Basic Yellow®
7 490nm
1.300mW Incident orange / red Cyano+Ninhydrin, Cyano+Rhodamin, Basic Red®, DFO, Indanedione
8 550nm
1.400mW Incident
orange / red / dark red DFO, Indanedione
9 570 nm
2.200mW Incident
red / dark red Ninhydrin

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