Edwards RV5 Vacuum Pump


Rotary vacuum pump; Double stage.

  • 4.1 cfm (117L/min) displacement
  • Ultimate vacuum (without gas ballast) 1.5x10-3 torr
  • Max. inlet pressure for water vapor 38 torr
  • Max. water vapor pumping rate 0.48 lb/h
  • Motor ½ hp
  • Oil capacity Max/Min 0.7L/0.42L

Edwards Supergrade A Oil is recommended for use with the RV5.

This pump should be used with our EMS 550 Sputter Coater, EMS 450 Carbon Coater, EMS 950 Turbo Evaporator, EMS 750 Freeze Drier. Weight 43 lbs. (19.6 kg)

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