Standard Loop Filaments

EMS Filament Features:

  • A rigid attachment of the filament wire to the post - no possiblity of waving.
  • Minimum tip radius for coherent beam.
  • Polished post ends.
  • Precise dimensioning.
  • Bases can be cleaned and rebuilt many times.
  • Better long-term economy.

Rebuilding Services

The base assembly of all of our new filaments are guaranteed to be rebuildable for the lifetime of the electron beam instrument. All of our filaments, new or rebuilt, are inspected for consistent quality and performance before being shipped to you. Return the base and we

Filament Rebuilding Services Include: Reconditioning of the base; cleaning and/or replacement of necessary parts; Installment of new standard loop or special filament tip; Pre-centering; Vacuum normalizing; and Microscopic inspection.

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