Specimen Mounts


Specimen Mounts for Scanning Electron Microscopes

We have now expanded our Specimen Mount section due to the increased demand for us to offer more of a variety. To make your SEM work easier and save you a great deal of time searching for the right mount, we now offer you a complete line of specimen mounts.

* Aluminum Mounts - Made from ultra-pure aluminum.

The more popular mounts are available in two grades of finish: standard and polished (luster). 
- Standard finish: lathe finish; economically priced. 
- Polished finish: A cloth polished finish which produces a smooth and luster surface.

* Carbon Mounts - Spectroscopically pure

Forensic Certified Mount

This mount is made from a special certified Aluminum alloy which does not contain any of the objectionable elements that may interfere with samples collected for GSR . These mounts are 12.7mm x 11mm.

Forensic Collection Kit

These kits are suitable for field work and gunshot residue in the lab or out.

Manufactured from a special – certified aluminum alloy, containing only trace amounts of Barium (~0.00010%), Copper (~0.0139%), Zinc (~0.0094%), Nickel (~0.00309%), and Antimony (~0.00080%). These sample mounts are suitable for typical forensic sample studies.

The kit consists of 10 pin mounts (12.74mm diameter) 10 carbon adhesive tabs, 10 storage vials, and one plastic tweezer. Two styles of glass vials are available as well as one in plastic.

PYROID® Pyrolytic Graphite Product Line

Vitreous Carbon Substrate

Our PYROID® pyrolytic graphite is a very light weight, 5’9’s pure, solid crystal composition, with no granular components, extremely smooth surface, capable of withstanding cryogenic temperatures as well as temperatures in excess of 3000°C

The material is extremely anisotropic, meaning it conducts heat and electricity in the a-b plane like cooper but acts like a ceramic in the normal direction. In an annealed state, the thermal and conduction properties increase up to four to eight times that of aluminum and cooper respectively.

The material has zero porosity making it extremely stable and exhibits no outgassing. It is ideal for use in corrosive environments including acids and chlorine, and is highly transparent to organic samples and electrons, for analytical work, such as x-ray investigation, metallurgical, crystal growth, medical imaging technology etc.

Physical Properties of PYROID® Pyrolytic Graphite

Property Direction* Metric Units English Units
Density ----- 2.22 g/cc 1.37 lb/ft3
Flexual Strength
Room Temperature a 840 kg/cm2 12,000 psi
2750°C a 3,500 kg/cm2 50,000 psi
Compressive Strength
Room Temperature a 1,050 kg/cm2 15,00 psi
c 1,750 kg/cm2 25,000 psi
Shear Strength
Room Temperature a 70 kg/cm2 1,000psi
Coefficient Thermal Expansion
Room Temperature a .60 x 10-6 cm/cm°C 1.0 x 10-6 in/in°F
2200°C a .68 x 10-6 cm/cm°C 1.2 x 10-6 in/in°F
Room Temperature c 6.8 x 10-6 cm/cm°C 12.0 x 10-6 in/in°F
2200°C c 8.0 x 10-6 cm/cm°C 14.7 x 10-6 in/in°F
Thermal Conductivity
Room Temperature a 345 W/m°K 200 BTU/(hr ft2)(°F/ft)
1650°C a 114 W/m°K 66 BTU/(hr ft2)(°F/ft)
Room Temperature c 1.73 W/m°K 1.00 BTU/(hr ft2)(°F/ft)
3000°F c 1.30 W/m°K 0.75 BTU/(hr ft2)(°F/ft)
Electric Resistivity
Room Temperature a 500 µΩcm
1650°C a 200 µΩcm
Room Temperature c 0.6 Ωcm
1650°C c 0.22 Ωcm
Scleroscope Hardness a 103 103
c 68 68
Oxidation Threshold 650°C 1200°F
Permeability Helium Leak Tight
at 10 – 6 mmHg

Pyrolytic Graphite Planchet for SEM

Surface polish to 1 µm glassy finish

Specimen Mount Tweezers

Dumont Specimen mount Tweezers, the finest tweezers available. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Polished Dumoxel Antimagnetic Steel

SEM Mount Forceps

Made from stainless steel with a serrated handle and a guide pin. The tip is bent at a 45 degree and formed into a ring, which has a diameter of 10mm when fully closed. 150mm long.

Unique Uni-Band Gripper

Unique Uni-Band Gripper - Made of 300 Series Memory Stainless Steel which is harder than titanium. Perfect gripper for handling specimen mount stubs.

Sample Stub Vacuum Desiccators

Precision machined from a block of aluminum – anodized black - this Sample Stub Vacuum Desiccators accommodates 18 SEM Mounted Sample Stubs, pin style, under vacuum for year long.

  • Compact and sturdy – will last as long as you own them,
  • Prevents oxidation from occurring  to the sample during long term storage
  • All pin stubs are kept  secure inside the chamber by a built in “O” ring in each position
  • Very simple to use - Just need small vacuum pump to evacuate air out of the chamber
  • Acrylic Clear  top for easy viewing the contents
  • Interlock when stack together to safe space.
  • Ideal for transport and storage samples for SEM, TEM, FIB, AFM, etc.

Measures: 13 cm x 13cm x 4.5cm High. Chamber cavity is 10.4cm diameter x 18mm deep. Lid is made with 10mm thick clear acrylic.

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