Glutaraldehyde - The Highest Purity


OCHCH2CH2CH2CHO F.W. 100.12 CAS #111-30-8
Specific Gravity @20/20°C: 1.131

EM Grade Distillation Purified

  • The Universal Fixative for Electron Microscopy.
  • Purified to EM Grade from commercial grade by "all-glass vacuum-distillation."
  • THE HIGHEST PURITY, free from polymers and other contaminants.
  • Each lot is tested and assayed in our lab before we ship and guarantee its purity.
  • Sealed under dry nitrogen.
  • Refrigerated prior to shipment.

After glutaraldehyde has been purified to EM grade, it has a high risk of polymerizing if it is not handled properly. Electron Micro-scopy Sciences takes special precautions to assure a polymer-free, pure glutaraldehyde.

Every lot of our EM grade aqueous glutaraldehyde is assayed prior to shipping assuring you consistent purity and the highest possible quality. If stored properly, our Glutaraldehyde has a very long shelf life.

We package our aqueous glutaraldehyde in 10 ml, single dose ampoules, sealed under dry nitrogen, and kept refrigerated until it is shipped. We offer our glutaraldehyde in a wide range of percentages to simplify mixing procedures and avoiding waste.

EM grade aqueous glutaraldehyde, stored in volumes greater than 100 ml, with repeated defrosting and recapping, will polymerize in time, producing an absorption peak of 235nm rather than the 280nm of pure EM grade. The presence of polymerized glutaraldehyde greatly reduces its efficiency as a cross-linking agent, preventing proper fixation. For this reason, we provide 10 ml ampoules and 100 ml bottle quantities for larger applications.

Serum Vial Aqueous Glutaraldehyde

Over the years, many of our valued customers have requested purchasing our aqueous Glutaraldehyde in serum vials. This packaging allows the user to puncture the special non-reactive seal with a hypodermic syringe and draw out the exact quantity of aqueous Glutaraldehyde needed without opening the container. This packaging assures freshness and purity of the aqueous Glutaraldehyde at all times.

Anhydrous EM Grade Glutaraldehyde: Specially Prepared-10% Solution

Rapid-Freezing on a polished metal surface, at the temp. of liquid helium or liquid nitrogen, followed by freeze-substitution in osmium-acetone, has been shown to be a very useful technique for capturing rapid cellular events and for preserving cell ultrastructure.

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